Top 25 Best Top Entry Litter Box Products for Sale Online

Looking for the best top entry litter box for your furry feline friend? If so, you've come to the right place as we here at Purrsy have reviewed the top 25 best top entry litter box products for sale online. Enjoy your new top entry litter box! 

25. Snow House Igloo Litter Box for Cats by Pidan

A great design of a top litter box by Pidan is from Japan with anti bacterial technology that makes cleanup very quick and clean. It is enhanced with antimicrobial technology to keep your pet and family from infection. It is made of Polypropylene and has incorporated in it IONPURE which aids in the elimination of germs. The unique design prevents Fido from attaining any of kitty’s leftovers. If at all you are not satisfied return it within 30 days for a full refund.

24. Odor Free Top Entry Cabinet Cat Litter Box by Furever Pet Furniture

Furever Pet Furniture offers a top entry litter box that so elegant to look at and practical at the same time. This beautiful cat box lends itself to the décor of your house and you will hardly know what kitty is doing in there. It features two cabinet doors which provide easy access to this top entry litter box inside for easier cleaning for you. It uses a special coating to get rid of odors to keep the box smelling fresh as a summer breeze off the ocean. Unlike carbon air filters it never needs replacing. Looking at this litter box it might well be the best top entry litter box.

23. Top Entry Arm and Hammer Litter Box with Removable Lid

Here is a top entry litter box by Arm and Hammer that is simple and cost effective. Yes, it is very simple to use with a bucket type container and a removable lid that deters dogs from trying to get a kitty snack. It can be placed in a confined space and out of the way. Quick and easy to clean with the right litter and tools, made with microbial protection that absorbs odors. A free standing carbon filter can be added to the inside to eliminate unwanted odors. This litter box is reasonably priced with frills. It is one of the best litter boxes for the practical person.

22. Modern Litter Box Kit with Removable Liner and Scooper by Modkat

he Modkat litter box could be the best top entry litter box this side of the Picos. This top entry litter box comes in blue, orange, white, black and gray. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it's well worth it for the simple fact of its patented litter tracking prevention method. The lid acts as a wipe off mat which keeps the litter in the box where it belongs. It is really no fun when you’ve got to be somewhere, but the litter box needs to be cleaned. The reusable liner helps to keep the box odor free. It comes with a scoop a swivel lid and an easy to remove liner. This litter box is relatively trouble free and is a good buy for any consumer.

21. Wooden Cat Litter Box Cabinet by The Refined Feline

Now here’s a beautiful design by The Refined Feline. This is one of the best top entry litter boxes that are built to look like elegant furniture in your home so that no knows where kitty goes to the bathroom. It has a top drawer for storing essentials like air freshener or dust brooms or litter box liners. Just about anything you can think of for extra storage for your cat. It also provides adjustable vents in the back for cross ventilation. A top entry litter box like this is one of the most maintenance free litter boxes around and is one of the best top entry litter boxes to date. 

20. Litter Box Kit with Flip Top and Reusable Tarp Liner by Modkat

Here’s another one from Modkat that is sure to fit your budget because it is a little more reasonable priced for someone who likes to save money. This top entry litter box has a flip top lid design for those of you who do not feel it’s necessary to remove the whole lid. This box comes with a nice durable poop scoop and sturdy tarp liner that destroys odors. If your cat is a high pee’er then box is the one. Its high profile design keeps the pee in this top entry litter box. It is 20”long x 15”x 16.75”. The lid can be put into three different positions one third open two thirds or half depending on your cats liking. This comes in with a price that is more reasonable than most others. It can be a very durable litter box lasting years.

19. Cat Litter Dome with Steps by Booda

The Litter Dome created by Booda can be the best top entry litter box I’ve seen in a while for the reason of its simplistic design. It comes in white, beige, nickel and titanium. It features a carbon filter to control odors and removes offensive smells. The entry way has a corrugated form to trap litter as your cat leaves the box so that you won’t have much to pick up. 50% larger than most other litter boxes it can accommodate most any large cat. This top entry litter box is a wonderful addition to any home and kitty will love it too.

18. Odor Free Basic Top Entry Cat Litter Box by Clevercat

This top entry litter box from Clevercat is a very ingenious design. This box is big on economical styling. It is a simple box with lid which removes all the fuss and is easy on the budget. The tracking remover design helps to keep the litter off the floor. Any odor removing liner can be used in this box to eliminate unwanted smells. A top entry litter box made of strong materials and of white color like this will add to any decorum in any house hold. It is priced in the middle so it is a matter preference of the consumer whether you will purchase this product or not. It is very easy to assemble.

17. Multi-Functional Cat Litter Box by Merry


Merry produces a top entry litter box that disguises itself as a nightstand. It can be placed in the bathroom as a fixture that belongs there or really any room except the kitchen, no one wants a litter box in the kitchen. This one comes in four different colors, white, walnut, beige, and espresso. It provides a discrete place for cats to do their business and comes with a resting pad on top which is a nice thing that it has a dual purpose. A one year warranty and hardware comes with this versatile top entry litter box and is easy to assemble.

16. Hidden Cat Litter Box with Plant by Good Pet Stuff

 Good Pet Stuff has one right here that really lends itself to the decorum of your house by disguising itself like a plant in a pot. It measures 42” high to top of the plant with the bottom of the plant nest in the top portion of the litter box. This might be the best top litter box so far that is seen. It also has a replaceable carbon filter to keep odors at bay. This top entry litter box is priced in the midrange and is a great addition ethically and practical for all households. It is a very unique and clever type litter box. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty for peace one mind.

15. Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Automatic Litter Sifting by CatIt

Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box is another great top entry litter box that has incredible design and function. Reasonably priced and ergonomically sound this litter box lends itself to the beauty of your home. This probably is the best top entry litter box because of its unique automatic litter sifter. It takes the chore out of cleaning the box. It comes in tan; this is the only choice of color at this time. It uses odor destroying pan liner. This could be the best top entry litter box of all time.

14. Extra Large Litter Box with Top Entry by Sroute

Sroute 25-Inch Extra Large Top Entry Cat Pan Enclosed Hooded Kitty Litter Box. This top entry litter box that is practical and worth the money with the offset design which reduces litter box smells. It takes up less space than most other litter boxes. The lid is secured by latches for easy opening and cleaning. An odor eating pan liner can be purchased at most all supermarkets with odor fighting properties. Its price makes this litter box a desirable product for your household.

13. Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Grooved Lid by IRIS U.S.A

A real economical top entry litter box by Iris U.S.A. Inc. being priced in the very affordable range, but does not take away from the quality of this product available in white and orange, with a large entry to accommodate a larger size cat. It prevents litter scatter and has a smell good’em spray system to combat odors. The grooved lid helps to remove litter from kitty’s paws. The oval design helps to provide a pleasant esthetic to your house. A complimentary scooper is also included in this package, so no need to go to the store and get one.

12. Grey Jumbo Top Entry Litter Box by So Phresh

So Phresh Jumbo Top-Entry Cat Litter Box in Grey, 23" L x 19" W x 15" H is a very, very reasonably priced litter box with a nice and simple design. This one keeps the dogs out that might want to get a little kitty snack in the afternoon. You can control odors with a smell controlling pan liner that can be purchased at any grocery store or anywhere pet supplies are sold. This litter box is very a good addition to any house. A wonderfully fine top entry litter box by So Phresh.

11. Cat Litter Pan with Removable Lid by Nature's Miracle

Here’s one from Natures Miracle NM- 5434 it is one of the most simplistic cat litter boxes to clean and maintain that is out on the market. It features a non-stick surface that makes cleaning a snap. It has a top entry that allows your cat easy access no matter how large it is. Its styling helps your cat to be comfortable. Odors can be controlled by an odor destroying pan liner and or an additional fragrance button placed in or around the litter box. All too often people ignore simple litter boxes, but this box will help to make maintenance easier and affordable so you might want to give this one a try.

10. Genie Litter Dome for Cats by Catgenie

Catgenie has a top entry litter box that serves you and your cat. The cat dome for this box is sold separately. The dome is self-washing and contains a carbon filter to get rid of offensive odors. It uses an electronic monitoring system to keep track of the carbon filter and maintenance schedules. The cover comes apart in four pieces for ease of access to the poo; an additional odor fighting liner can be added to combat smells. This Catgenie a litter box keeps your cat healthy, happy, and clean and can give you peace of mind knowing that your beloved cat is well taken care of.

9. Eco-Friendly Wooden Cat Litter Box by LitterWorks

LitterWorks has this wooden looking top entry litter box cover that is made of real wood to give your house a homey feel and is very functional for your cat to use. It features a top entry opening that helps keep Fido out of the box preventing him from getting him a little snack. The high walls of this box help to keep in the litter are easy to move with the handles on the side. Any other odor fighting techniques can be added to this box, they are only limited to your imagination as to what features can be added. This one comes in a little pricey, but you get what you pay for right? This litter box just might be what you’re looking for and does not hurt your pocketbook.

8. Top Entry Litter Box with Sifting Tray by Catidea

Catidea has a really great design with this simple top entry litter box and it’s very affordable. The sides a very high which helps keep litter inside the box where it belongs. It comes with a sifting pan that works with all clumping litter for easy cleanup. The step screen in the corner wipes kitty’s feet so that litter on the floor is reduced. This practical top entry litter box is offered in yellow, sky blue, pink and spring green. The top snaps down on the bottom for to secure it so there will be no chance of your dog getting into it. This is a very nice and simple design and is very well priced.

7. Jumbo Hooded Litter Box with Carbon Filter by Catit

Here’s one from Catit that utilizes a swinging door method that provides privacy for your cat when it’s doing its business. The box has an easily removable hood to gain access to the inside of the box for ease of cleaning. It is great for multi cat households and has a carbon filter to remove offensive odors. The lid snaps down tight to hold all odors in and litter. This is offered for less than $20.00 and is virtually fool proof. This litter box does have a lot of amenities that may or may not be to your liking so make sure you look it over carefully.

6. Large Enclosed Hooded Litter Box with Top Entry by Favorite

The Favorite litter box is offered in three colors black and white, beige, and blue and transparent. The blue and transparent box is interesting as it lets you observe whether kitty went to the bathroom or not as if maybe you might be interested in that but to each his own. This top entry litter box is large enough to accommodate any large cat and has a slip free hood so that your cat has a secure footing. Its large size allows it to work well in a multiple cat house. A free standing carbon filter can be placed inside the box via some Velcro or some other adhesive method.

5. Modern Plastic Oval Cat Litter Box by GT

GT offers a very straight to the point top entry litter box that seems to be a little pricy but is made of sturdy construction. The task of cleaning is made very efficiently with the quick removable hood and access. This cat box is wonderful, but really its price is a bit too much and really a person could find a better deal so look around some.

4. Odor Reducing Cat Litter Box with Top Entry by Clevercat

Awe this cat litter box by Clevercat is something to behold. Cleanup is a snap with Clevercat pan liners and it makes it stress-free. The corrugated top helps wipe off kitty’s feet as she leaves this top entry litter box keeping most of the litter where it belongs. This one does not come with liners or a scoop and would be a better deal if it did but as far as simplicity goes it could be the right choice for you.

3. Cat Litter Box with 9" Top Entry by Clevercat 

Once more a top entry litter box that is well built, but lacks the economical viability to justify the asking price. It does lend itself to being almost dog proof, that’s if the dog is not persistent. It is very similar to the other one that is found on the internet by the same people. Truly it is not really worth what they want for it, there are other places that you can find better features for the price that they’re asking for it. Again no scoop is offered in this deal, or really it’s not a deal. It might better off for you to make your own for way less.

2. Wooden Cabinet with Hidden Cat Litter Box by The Refined Feline

Now here is a beautiful cat litter box looks like fine furniture from The Refined Feline. Yes it is up there in price range, but this top entry litter box is very elegant and well worth what they’re asking for it. It has reversible walls for left or right entry, inside are two carbon filters mount on the two vents to keep the litter box odors from entering the room. The cabinet doors swing wide for easy access for quick and through cleaning. It has a top drawer to store grooming tools, medicine, and cat treats. The high wall helps keep the litter within the pan. This top entry litter box is a very good choice as far as having great aesthetics and functionality. It is a great choice for anyone.

1. Top Entry Cat Litter Pan with Non-Slip Lid by Petmate

Here we have a very reasonably priced simplistic, but well made top entry litter box. The high walled design helps to keep the dog from getting into the box where he doesn’t belong. The lid has a non-slip surface that aids in wiping your cats feet to prevent litter from spilling on the floor. This top entry litter box has really nothing much to it, but you can’t beat the price for this litter box under $20.00 and it is well built. This could be the best top entry litter box for the money. Enough cannot be said about this litter box as far as it’s and its ease of cleaning.

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