Top 25 Best Cat Diapers for Sale Online

Just like newborn babies, toddlers, and older adults, there are some cats that cannot get to where they are supposed to go to the bathroom in time. This regularly happens with cats when they are sick or as they get up there in years. Just like there are diapers for humans when they need them, there are also diapers for cats when they need them whether they be disabled or getting older. It's with this in mind that we here at Purrsy have reviewed the top 25 most adorable cat diapers for your furry little feline friend. Enjoy your new cat diapers! 

25. Best Cat Diapers by Barkertime

These cat diapers are made with older cats with bladder problems, female cats in heat, and male cats that spray in mind. The first step is to wrap the diaper around and through your cat’s hind quarters. Then you fasten the hook-and-loop tabs around the waist of your cat. The lining on the inside is made of very soft material and a high-quality poly cotton fabric on the exterior. In Between the outer shell and the lining, there is an additional layer of waterproof moisture barrier completely sewn on for maximum leak protection. 

You will love that this diaper is machine washable and you can get diaper liners and suspenders (that are sold separately) to go with the diapers. Other things that you will love about these Barkertime diapers are sold in six sizes: extra small (nine to twelve inches), small (twelve to fifteen inches), medium (fifteen to eighteen inches), large (eighteen to twenty-two inches), extra-large (twenty-two to thirty inches), and XXL (thirty to forty-three inches). Another benefit to buying these Barkertime cat diapers are made in America. 

24. Reusable Cat Diapers by Pet Magasin

Pet Magasins three pack of reusable diapers come in four sizes, extra small, small, medium, and large. These cat diapers could be the best cat diapers because they have three in each package (a green, blue, and purple diaper), they are machine-washable and reusable, and they are easy to use. What makes them standout from other cat diapers is that they are highly absorbent with a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks on rugs, carpets, and furniture, and they are also soft and comfortable so your pet will not mind wearing them. Your pet will also love that these Pet Magasins diapers have velcro tabs that will not stick to their fur. 

23. Disposable Diapers for Cats by Simple Solution

Simple Solutions disposable cat diapers are the solution to your cat's incontinence issues. They come in a package of twelve and in the sizes of extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. Your cat will love the tail hole, fur-friendly fasteners that can be repositioned, and a breathable outer layer that are the features of these cat diapers. All of these features could make them the best cat diapers on the market. 

22. Washable Diapers for Cats with Leopard Print

These Barker Wear cat diapers will let your cat take “a walk on the wild side” with their cheetah print cat diapers. They come in sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL. They are just right for cats that cannot control when they go to the bathroom when female cats are going through their estrus cycle, and male cats that go to the bathroom anywhere (more than likely prior to neutering). If your cat does not have a tail, then you ask for a diaper that is meant for tailless cats. In between the outer shell and the lining, lies an additional layer of waterproof moisture barrier that is sewn into the diaper all the way to ensure that leakage never happens. 

Your cat will also love that these cat diapers are easy to put on because they have adjustable hook-and-loop tabs. You will love that they provide triple protection with high-quality polycotton fabric on the exterior, a super-soft lining on the interior, and a waterproof moisture barrier that is completely sewn between the outer shell and the lining for maximum leakage protection. You will also love that these great diapers are made right in this country in the fine state of California.

21. Navy Blue Cat Diapers for Small Cats by Joybies

Joybies Navy Blue Piddle Pants with a decorative red bow on the back strap will bring joy to you and your cat with their cat diapers that are made of a stretch fabric that is ideal for female or male cats. They are machine washable on the gentle cycle and should be hung up to dry. Cat Fancy Magazine as one of their Best Original Cat Products by Pet World International and you may agree with them and think that they are one of the best cat diapers in the world. 

20. 30 Pack of Disposable Cat diapers by Simple Solution

These Simple Solution disposable diapers can be the simple solution to your cat’s bladder problems. They come in a pack of thirty and in small and medium sizes and are ideal for female dogs that weigh eight to fifteen pounds. The material that they are made out of is a one-of-a-kind stretchable fabric that will fit comfortably around your cat. Other features of this diaper include a tail hole, a breathable outer layer, extra-long wings, a super absorbent core with a leakproof barrier, and fasteners that are made to not stick to their fur. If you need to take your cat out with you, these diapers also provide discretion so it does not look like your cat is wearing a diaper when you are out running errands and going to your daily destinations.

19. Adorable Reusable Diapers for Cats and Kittens

These FDC set of two decorative cat diapers are made for small female cats as they come in the sizes extra small (waist size nine to twelve inches), small (waist size thirteen to sixteen inches), and medium (waist size thirteen to sixteen inches). They are reusable but the absorbent pads are sold separately. They are very attractive diapers, so not only will your cat look stylish, they will stay dry as well.

18. Cloth Diaper for Cats by Bumkins

Bumkins Cat in The Hat Snap-in-One Cloth Diaper has a new and improved PUL outer shell that is made with PUL and TPU. These cat diapers are stain and odor resistant, machine-washable, durable and comfortable, and the design does not fade over time. The detachable snap inserts come out to speed up drying time and provide extra layers of absorbency and comfort for your cat. The interior is also made of a deluxe fabric that is covered with a layer of cozy cotton and bamboo from a rayon that will make your cat comfortable and also ensures that they have breathable fabric right next to their skin.

17. Cute Cat Diapers by Ocsoso

These cat diapers that look like shorts come in the sizes extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. They keep a cat’s home clean as well as keeping them healthy. Not only are they comfortable and fashionable, they discreetly conceal that your cat has issues with incontinence. They come in a pack of two so you can wash one while your cat wears the other one. Even though they are a diaper, they look more like a garment of clothing that just happens to safeguard your cat against spraying your carpets, floors, and furniture. 

16. Disposable Kitty Cat Diapers by Planet Urine

These Planet Urine disposable cat diapers range in size from extra small to extra large and can fit a cat that weighs one to twenty-five pounds. With the large sizes that are available, they can fit kittens and cats. Other features of these diapers include a comfortable and patented tail hole, a non-sticky adjustable fastener that will not pull on your cat's fur, and the elastic gathers are a safeguard against leakage. You and your cat will love how absorbent they are and how well they keep your part of the planet free from urine.

15. Sanitary Kitty Cat Diapers by MaruPet - Pink

These cat diapers come in sizes that range from extra small to extra large and come in pink, blue, and yellow colors. They were made with small cats in mind (ones that weigh less than thirteen pounds). Other features of these diapers are a removable cute bear pin, elastic suspenders, a tail hole, and they can be used for female or male cats. Your cat will love how soft and lightweight they are and you will love that they are simple to take care of and how durable they are. These diapers are definitely made with both you and your cat in mind.

14. Premium Washable Diapers for Cats by Pet Parents

Pet Parents washable cat diapers come in a pack of three. They come in sizes extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large and in the colors rust, gray, and black. They can be used for female and male cats, are comfortable and soft and are highly absorbent. The high amount of absorbency comes from a diaper pad that is sewn into the diaper and the waterproof outer layer. The Pet Parents company consists of pet parents just like you and they know what you and your cat need which makes their cat diapers one of the best cat diapers on the market. 

13. Washable Padded Diapers for Cats

These cat diapers have diapers for all of your furry felines that range from extra small (waist size 12-16 inches) to three XL (waist size of 24-28 inches). They are made of the best quality with a Cinch-Lock-Tail anchoring system that prevents the diaper from leaking around the cat’s tail and gently secures the diaper on the dog. The four layers of absorbent protection that these cat diapers provide will keep your cat and your floors dry. You do not need to buy liners for them and you can machine wash them (do not use bleach) and hang them to dry. Since your pet can reuse them, you do not have to buy more of them, your cat can continue to use this terrific product whether they need them temporarily or for the rest of their life. 

12. 3 Piece Set of Cat Diapers

Pupteck made this three-piece package of cat diapers with your female cat in mind. These cat diapers range in size from extra small to large and come in blue, lime green, and purple. They are made of polyester, can be washed and reused, and are more environmentally friendly than the disposable diapers that are on the market. They also do not have a crinkly or uncomfortable texture and the velcro closures and hems made of elastic are easy to adjust the waist size to make sure your cat is comfortable while wearing these cat diapers.

The super absorbent inner fabric and the waterproof outer layer prevent leaks and your furniture, carpets, and rugs being damaged. You and your cat will also love the tail hole that is designed just for them and the athletic wicking jersey lining wicks moisture away. The bright colors will also make your cat be stylish and look smart while keeping them super dry. 

11. Female Cat Diapers by Paw Inspired

These disposable cat diapers come in a pack of twelve or one-hundred and forty-four. The features of these diapers include repositionable fur-resistant fasteners, a super absorbent core, and breathable bottom layers, and gathered leak-proof edges. They come in the sizes extra small, small, and medium. Their advanced liquid to gel super absorbent polymer (SAP) technology makes these cat diapers super innovative and just what your cat needs for their incontinence issues. 

10. Black Cat Diaper

These cat diapers come in the size extra small and the color black. They are machine washable and are designed to safeguard your cat from bladder leakage and will safeguard your furniture, carpets, and rugs from them spraying on them. The features of these cat diapers include comfortable and secure wings that wrap around a cat’s stomach and are made of cotton and polyester that will make your cat feel like they are being swaddled. They also have secure and waterproof velcro, side release clamps and elastic that ensure that these diapers will not leak. You also have a variety of colors to choose from that include red, black, blue, and pink and will love the fact that you can save your funds by reusing these diapers instead of regularly buying disposable diapers as long as your cat needs to depend on them.

9. Washable Kitten Diapers by Simple Solution

These Simple Solution Washable cat diapers come in sizes extra small to extra large. They provide absorbent protect for cats that weigh four to eight pounds and have a waist size of nine to fourteen inches.They are made from a microfiber fabric, a tail hole, and repositionable closures that provide a comfortable and secure fit. You and your cat will also love the moisture-wicking lining to protect their coat and skin, the super-absorbent microfiber pad, and the plastic lining, all of which safeguard your cat against leaks. You get one machine washable set of cat diapers every time you buy them, so it would be good to stock up on them so you have many on hand when your cat may need them.

8. 3 Pack of Diapers for Cats by Paw Legend

Paw Legend’s cat diapers for female cats are reusable and come in a pack of three. The diapers come in pink, mint green, and black colors and the sizes extra small to large. The features of these diapers include adjustable Velcro closures, a waterproof outer layer to keep the diaper from leaking, and permanent odor control layer. They also have wick away moisture, extra quilted stitching, a tail hole, and adjustable hook-and-loop tabs that make it easy to take the diaper off and put it back on again.

The velcro closures do not stick to fur and the diapers stay on so your cat can roam freely. You can wash them over and over so your cat can use them repeatedly which is better because you will always have them on hand and you help save the environment by not purchasing disposable diapers. These Paw Legend diapers are absolutely different with all their great features and for sure could be seen as one of the best cat diapers around.

7. Leak Proof Cat Diapers by FDC 

These FDC cat diapers are leakproof, waterproof, and machine washable. They have many sizes to fit most cats from extra, extra small to 3XL and come in three colors black, gray butterflies, and pink roses. They are one-hundred percent waterproof and they also have an adjustable hoop and loop fastening system waistband that makes wearing them comfortable for your cat. The cinch lock anchoring system ensures that the diapers will not leak and makes sure that the diapers fit securely. They also have a thick layer of absorbent protection sewn in and they can be washed in a washing machine and hung up to dry. These stylish and colorful diapers are so pretty that your cat will look fashionable while they protect their fur and your furniture from accidents that they may have. 

6. Sanitary Diapers for Cats by TTnight

TTnight has invented the cutest pantie pants for your cat to wear. You get one random color that varies from light blue, dark blue, red, and yellow everytime you order a pair of these for your cat. The sizes range from extra small to extra large. The cotton material feels good against your cat’s fur and is very comfortable for them. They are also easy to use, you just need to place a pad in the bottom of them. They also come off and on easily and can be washed and worn again. Not only are they fashionable, but your furry friend will feel comfortable and dry whenever they wear these diapers that are one of the best cat diapers around.

5. She-Love Diapers for Felines

These She Love disposable cat diapers come in the sizes extra, extra small (20 diapers), extra small (18 diapers), small (16 diapers), medium (14 pieces), large (twelve pieces), extra large (ten pieces), and XXL (eight pieces). They are made of high-quality, eco-friendly cotton material and they absorb wetness to prevent messes. They also provide a comfortable and reliable protection against urination. These She Love diapers will absolutely be loved by you and your cat for all they offer you. 

4. Adjustable Diapers for Cats by Scheppend

Scheppend reusable cat diapers come in packs of four and are machine washable and are also easy to put on. They snugly fit your cat and provide results for any cat that cannot use the litter box for whatever reason. They come in the colors blue, black, pink, and purple. Other features of these diapers include a tail hole and they also provide you and your cat with peace of mind while they are roaming and playing and doing all of their daily activities. 

3. Cat Diapers Made in the USA by Barkertime

Barkertime has created a Happy Bunny reusable and washable diapers for cats for your furry cat friend to use. The hook-and-loop tabs allow for a customized fit for your cat. The interior of the diaper has a super soft lining and the exterior has high-quality polycotton fabric on the exterior. Also, in between the outer shell and the lining, there is an additional layer of waterproof moisture barrier completely sewn in for maximum leakage protection. The sizes range from extra small to XXL. You will not get this quality and protection from other cat diapers on the market which definitely makes these diapers one of the best cat diapers available. 

2. Ultra Comfortable Cat Diapers by Vet's Best

Vet’s Best diapers fir cats come in packages of twelve and range in sizes from extra small to large. The wetness indicator lets you know when they need to be changed which makes them great for long trips. The features include a leak barrier, fur safe fasteners, and repositionable closures. All of these great features make Vet’s Best diapers the brand that is a top choice among vets and should be with you as well. 

1. Non-Leak Diapers for Cats by SunGrow

Sun Grow’s disposable diapers are super absorbent and leak proof. They come in small (16-count) and medium (14 count) and can fit cats that weigh eight to eighteen pounds with a waist size of twelve to twenty inches. They are also easy to put on, take off, and adjust as well as keeping unpleasant odors under control for long periods of time so you can smell the odors that are in the diaper. Sun Grow’s diapers will make any of you and your cat’s days sunny. 

I hope the reviews of these diapers have given you a great idea of what diapers are available for your cat if you ever need to buy cat diapers for them. There are many to choose from out there but I hope the taste that I provided you with will help you decide what you need to buy if your cat ever needs cat diapers.

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