Top 20 Best Designer Cat Collars of 2017

Are you on the prowl for some fashionable cat collars for your feline friend? If so, we here at Purrsy have a treat for you as we've compiled a list of the top 20 best designer cat collars for sale online. From bowtie designer collars for cats to leather collars and breakaway collars, we've reviewed the best of the best. Enjoy! 

20. Designer Cat Collars with Blue Bowtie and Lace - $9.59

If you are searching for a designer cat collar, one beautiful option among designer cat collars is this collar with black lace and a royal blue, green, or red bow. This designer cat collar is quite customizable coming in three colors and two sizes. The small size fits necks 8.7 to 10.6 inches and the medium size fits 10.7 to 12.6-inch necks. The delicate lace adds an air of sophistication. This item is an add-on item. Meaning Amazon will only ship it with an order of $25 or more, so it is best to order with other items. Wonderfully beautiful cat collar. The collar is relatively large, so it definitely makes a statement. However, it might overwhelm a very small cat. You might not see another one like it. 

19. Pink Cat Collar with Faux Diamond Studs - $10.49

One of these unbelievably cute designer cat collars comes in x-small, small, and medium and six colors (light pink, black, red, light blue, purple, and yellow). It is made of a beautiful leather material that is surprisingly durable. The sturdy jewels that make up the diamond flower add just the right amount of luxury. It is surprisingly affordable for its high quality which makes the designer cat collar a great deal. It has just the right amount of bling, and it works for both small to medium dogs and cats. Currently rated 5 out of 5 stars. 

18. Plaid Designer Cat Collar by GigaMax - $9.99

Another one of the designer cat collars is fun and stylish. The black and red plaid is quite beautiful and unique without being too showy. Additionally, the gem-bone motif is nice. It is 23-30cm (9.1-11.8 inches) long, and it comes in blue, beige, and pink base colors. Considering the array of colors, you can choose one that matches your pet’s personality best or collect them all. This collar is a lovely, high-quality accessory. It has five stars which speak to its excellence and functionality. One of the best designer cat collars on the market.

17. Fancy Cat Necklace Collar by Pet Favorites - $12.59

When searching for glamorous designer cat collars, this Pet Favorites pearl pick is one of the best options. It comes in three colors (blue, pink, and purple), each pearl color classy. The collar is easily adjustable and elegant. Right now you can save 58% on this beautiful designer cat collar. It has a very rich look. Even though it is quite lovely and delicate looking, it also works very well. It’s very functional. This collar will make your cat a regular Veronica Lodge. 

16. Red Velvet Breakaway Cat Collar by Kitty Kaboodle - $10.99

This sparkly, bell collar from Kitty Kaboodle is colorful and made in Portland, Oregon, USA. It comes in an enormous amount of colors (fuchsia, black, charcoal, chocolate, gold, green, lilac, magenta, pink, red, royal blue, silver, and teal), and it’s adjustable. It is ⅜ of an inch wide and fits from 7 to 11 inches. The designer cat collar is made from a durable nylon fabric, and it has a breakaway clasp. Some great features of the product are that it is machine washable and arrives right on time. A simple yet cute collar. Very good-looking.

15. Designer Breakaway Cat  Collar with Bell - $7.99

Looking for a great deal on designer cat collars? This Expawlorer product will fulfill that need. It is a great price for a pack of two. The two different festive designs make these collars a great Christmas gift for your pet. It is really appropriate for wearing at Christmas time. The bell is a great touch to the festive theme. This is a lightweight, durable, 8 to 10”, breakaway collar, made from durable nylon webbing. The buckle is quick release which makes it very easy to use. It is a great buy!

14. Purple Designer Cat Collars with Bells by Red Dingo - $6.99

If you’re looking for soft and durable collars, this could be the one! The designer cat collar has an abrasion resistant ribbon that spans from 8 to 13” in length. It fits large and small cats alike. Additionally, it comes in a beautiful purple color with a white daisy motif. Quite attractive! It also has a very cute safety release. It also comes with a removable bell. This is a good quality product that will look good on any cat. One of the best designer cat collars. Consider buying it!

13. Pink Bowtie Cat Collar with Rhinestones - $12.99

One of these designer cat collars has a beautiful bow and a square crystal accent. The soft, velvety leather is beautiful and high-quality. The rhinestones lining the collar are beautifully laid. It comes in black, pink, or red and small, medium, or large. The design is adorable, and it looks more expensive than it is. Luxurious but still very cute! You will be happy with your purchase if you choose this collar. A very solid collar! One of the best designer cat collars available on Amazon.

12. Fishbone Red Cat Collar by Designer Red Dingo - $6.99

If you are looking for quirky designer cat collars, look no further! The embroidered fish bones on the collar give this collar humor. They also match beautifully with the fish shaped safety release. It is adjustable and fits from 8 to 13” in length. This collar is abrasion-resistant so it is among the best designer cat collars. It is a great price and good quality. Durable and comfortable. It’s very cute and the red color is divine. If you want it to buy it before it runs out. There are only a few left in stock.

11. Black and Gold Designer Collar for Cats by Platinum Pets - $13.75

This one of the designer cat collars, from Platinum Pets, is made in the USA. It is a beautiful and soft, made with genuine black leather. The texture of the leather is amazing. This wonderful collar is 10” (25.4 cm), weatherproof, and durable. While not necessarily 24 karat gold, he powder coated stars are a beautiful touch. The gold buckle is also quite attractive. Well-made and very cute. It fits well on many cats. The designer cat collar is a wonderful accessory that is simple but still has a certain style to it. 

10. Adorable Designer Collar for Cats - Flowers - $6.99

When looking for whimsical designer cat collars, consider this Beirut leather collar. The pink flower collar is beautifully tropical. It is a very cute design. Being adjustable, the collar spans from 8 to 10” (20 to 28 cm). It ⅗ of an inch wide. The collar is comfortable and soft on the skin. The silver buckle is very stylish. The collar is a great price and comes with very good service. Well-made. Looks precious on a cat. It is not necessarily a long term collar but is a great piece aesthetically. 

9. Cat Collar with Shark Design by Red Dingo - $15.02

This one of the Red Dingo designer cat collars is also a great option. It is soft and durable. It is comfortable for pets as it is splice cut. It is a beautiful dark gray color with lighter gray sharks. The irony in the design is so charming and funny. The ribbon is abrasion resistant. The adjustable designer cat collar also comes with a silver bell. It stays on quite well and has an easy to use break-off feature. Definitely one of the best designer cat collars on Amazon. The embroidery may wear off over time, but the pattern is very lovely. What a great piece!

8. Blueberry Pet Designer Collars for Kittens - $13.99

Looking for adorable designer cat collars for your pet, this pick may be for you. It is immensely customizable as it comes in 11 beautiful shades (rose baby pink, brink pink, Easter floral, Irish blue, ivory, multicolor tulip, pastel pink, turquoise, daisy, endless floral, and print rosy print). The flowers on the collar are so wonderfully delicate. There are also 3 sizes (small, medium, and large). Each size of the designer cat collars has the option to be customized with text including names and phone numbers. Considering all of the excellent options, this Blueberry collar is definitely one of the best designer cat collars out there.

7. Luxury Designer Cat Collars by Blueberry Pet - Leather with Gold Bell - $19.99

There are so many designer cat collars on the market, but this Blueberry collar stands out. The design is simple and classic. Currently, the price is great with the potential to save $9. You can choose from sixteen options of two types (Reflective collar or Leather and Polyester). The available options are dark green and pink, ginger and blue, olive and blue-gray, orange and black, pastel blue and beige, pink emerald and orchid, violet and celeste, yellow and azure, yellow and green, yellow azure and brown, chocolate and taupe, hot pink and purple, navy and olive, noir gray and burgundy, pink and grey, and red and brown. The neck is adjustable and fits between 12 and 15”.The leather designer cat collars options are made with a high-quality leather. 

6. Yellow Designer Collar for Cats - $4.60

This one of the Red Dingo designer cat collars is amazingly sweet. The cosmos yellow color or the ribbon creates a happy mood. The color definitely makes this designer collar stand out. It is also adjustable, soft, and durable. The collar also has a removable bell and a fish-shaped safety release. It spans from 8 to 13 inches in length, the perfect size for a cat. The ribbon is abrasion resistant which is a testament to its quality. It is comfortable on pets and overall a great buy in designer cat collars.

5. Designer Collar for Cats by Red Dingo - $6.99

Another great Red Dingo pick is the designer cat collars in Circadelic Brown. This is a great, functional collar for an excellent price. The fish shaped breakaway clasp is a great feature. It is also 8 to 13 inches in length, ½-inch wide, and has an abrasion resistant ribbon. It has a wonderful matching bell that serves the purpose of wildlife protection. However, it may not be great for very active cats. The brown, beige, and blue circles on the designer cat collars go quite well together and compliment each other. The little brown bell is adorable.

4. Colorful Cat Collars by Blueberry Pet Designs - $12.99

These Blueberry designer cat collars are a great deal. It is a pack of two with one pink collar and one blue and white collar. The blue one has an adorable nautical theme and a wonderful sky blue bell. The pink one has a more subtle nautical influence with white anchors and yellow buckles. The bell is also yellow. You can also purchase the two packs in Florida Dream Floral, Girl Power, or Hawaii Passion. The collars have breakaway clasps and are adjustable. Each of the designer cat collars comes with a very cute bow-tie. It is a very charming accessory. Make sure that you don’t miss out.

3. Bowtie Cat Collar with Polka Dots - $7.99

This Pupteck pick is adorable. The designer cat collars are available in blue, navy blue, red, or pink, and you can choose between a bowtie accessory and a flower accessory. The polka dots on the bowtie add an adorable touch. The collar is adjustable between 8 and 10 inches. Right now, it is rated a four out of five stars. People describe is as very cute and comfortable. The breakaway collar is a great addition to an already great collar. It delivers quickly. If you like it you should snatch these designer cat collars up before they sell out!

2. Polka Dot Bowtie Cat Collar - $12.99

When looking for preppy, classy designer cat collars, consider this Lionet collar. It comes in XS, S, M, L, and XL. You can get it in American Flag, Blue Point, Blue Grid, Lotus Flower, or Pink Grid. The collars are made from 100% cotton. One great attribute of the collars are that the bows are removable. The metal on the collar is durable, stainless steel, and the collar is very comfortable on pets. It has been described as stylish and adorable. Rated four and a half stars, this collar is among the best designer cat collars. These designer cat collars are very well-made. It is heavily discounted right now, so don’t miss out!

1. Pink Leather Cat Collar with Bell and Princess Crown - $7.99

These designer cat collars are both cute and regal. It comes in black, blue, pink, and red. Each color is beautiful. The collar is an elegant velvet adjustable from 8 to 11 inches. The crystal heart charm is so cute. The small elastic safety section makes this a unique collar as opposed to a breakaway. This collar has 4 and a half stars, so it is definitely one of the best designer cat collars available today. It is almost 50% off, so it is a great deal at under $10. What a lovely collar! It is the perfect accessory for your royal pet. One of the best designer cat collars.
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