The Best Automatic Litter Box of 2017

Looking for the best automatic litter box for your precious cats? If so, we here at Purrsy have you covered as we've found the top 20 best automatic litter box products for sale online. From the ultra popular Litter-Robot III to the classic Littermaid litter boxes, we've found the best of the bet. 

20. Litter-Robot III - Best Automatic Litter Box - $499

Got this new litter box last week. This is the best automatic litter box in the market for the price. All put together, it is very functional and attractive as well. Quite bigger than the old litter box that has been owned by the family. Very easy to maintain, in fact, the machine does all the cleaning so there are not many things to do for the owner. Pets love to use it all time and never make a mess on the outside of the box. So far, everything is going well. Hopefully, this product will stay strong as expected. 

19. Mega Self-Cleaning Automatic Litter Box by Littermaid - $89.99

One of the best automatic litter box products out there. It is strong and durable as mentioned in the description manual. Assembling is as easy as pie. The size is enough to hold your pet comfortably. It is designed for multiple cats so what we bought is the right size for our two pets.

18. LitterMaid Auto Litter Box for Cats - $89.99

What a great solution to keep your cats out of the floor or furniture when they have to poop. This is the best automatic litter box for minimizing mess and odor in a household with cats. No more having to clean the floor to scoop litter. The product comes with waste receptacles that make it easy to dispose waste and clean the box as well. The box is a fun place to be around rather than smelly one that used to be with our previous litter box. And our pets love to go in and out of the box without making a mess. Overall, one of the best automatic litter box items in the market. Would highly recommend it to anyone. 

17. PetSafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box with Top - $159.99

This self-cleaning automatic litter box is all that is needed for our two pets in the house. It is on the expensive side, so not the best automatic litter box but does the job very quickly. So far, not much complaints regarding the way it performs. Best of all though, it requires no scooping or refilling which was the case in the two previous litter boxes that we owned previously. Wish there was a discount for this one. Other than that, it works great. 

16. Automatic Litter Box by PetSafe without Top - $129.99

There was hesitation in the beginning when this product was purchased because the cost didn't justify the picture on the internet. I was wrong! This is one of the best automatic litter box products out there because it is very functional and durable. Since using it for more than two years, there are no complaints whatsoever. I want to tell in the most positive way that the cost of this litter box is worth every penny. It looks very smart and people who have visited my house have mistaken it for an appliance. No more trying to hide litter box out of sight. This box is what our pets need for long term. It has a leak proof tray for disposing of the collected waste and many other features that come free with the package. Overall, satisfied with the buy. Would recommend it to friends and family. 

15. Best Automatic Litter Box for Several Cats - $144.99

A friend's suggestion of purchasing this best automatic litter box proved to be a boon. She was spot on when she said it had all the features that a premium litter box has got. For the price, you will get great value with this litter box. It is automatic, which means you don't have to take the trouble of cleaning the box every day. The waste gets collected in a disposable container that is free of unpleasant odor. Maintaining part of this best automatic litter box is easy as alphabets. Also, ideal for cats of any size, even multiple cats. All in all, can't go wrong with this litter box as it has everything that your pet needs. 

14. Smart Scoop Auto Litter Box by Pet Zone - $121.49

Pet Zone Smart Automatic Litter box is the best automatic litter box because it is compact, easy to handle and sold at a reasonable price. The company takes great pride in this product and honor their promise by providing a satisfaction guarantee. So far, this litter box has been withstanding all kinds of rough use by our three beloved cats. Customer service support was great. They even sent a coupon for our next order of a bag of cat products. The box has many features besides the outer attractive covering. It is soundproof and comes with a month's supply of plastic bags. These bags have lasted for three months at our house. Assembling or dismantling is easy as well. 

13. Super Cheap Automatic Litter Box for Cats - $55.69

The best automatic litter box that is not only inexpensive but does the job in a minute. We have two cats that are a year old and this litter box is serving them really well. For anyone on a budget, this product adds value to their collection of pet supplies. Not only that, buying online is free of hassles and comes with free shipping as well. So, to say this litter box is a good purchase is an underestimation. What we really liked about this litter box is that it is built with strong material, not a cheap wood or plastic. And unlike other reviews that have given negative reviews, all I can say is that for the price paid, you can't go wrong with this litter box. Overall, happy with the purchase and would buy another one when we add new cats to the family. 

12. No Scoop Litter Box for Cats - $33.99

A very inexpensive best automatic litter box on the internet. This litter box does what it says on the description. It is a very basic box where you as a cat owner don't have to stoop to scoop waste. The automatic box is very functional and handy as it comes. This product has served well for over six months in our house. When the time comes, I won't be hesitating to buy another of this brand. It seems durable and sturdy as well; hoping that it would last a long time. Best of all, we haven't noticed any odor coming from the litter box so far and cats love it for the ease of use. All in all pleasantly surprised at the price of this product for the value it offers. 

11. Automatic Litter Box by Pet Zone - $107.99

This litter box is one of the best automatic litter box products because it is mostly out of sight. It needs compliments for many features it presents. The instructions from the manual are spot on. The box came all together as expected. The metal gears and motor look powerful and seem like it will last for a very long time. Our cats have started liking this litter box. There is no more mess on the floor, no odor to get rid of and no litter to pick up. In essence, a perfect litter box any pet owner should buy. And the best part is, it comes with a month's supply of plastic bags which is awesome considering the price paid. 

10. Self-Cleaning Litter Box by Omega Paw - $24.99

An incredible litter box for your beloved pets. This is the best automatic litter box that you can buy online for the price. It is very inexpensive given that it is automatic and does what it is meant to do. We were hopeful that it would start, but in fact, it works great. We were also prepared to replace it if it stopped working. It has been more than a year and this litter box is still standing strong. Very thankful for designing this basic litter box. Our cat is a fan of this machine. What is even better is that there is literally no litter of any kind on the floor. Our furniture is clean and intact. It doesn't use electricity which is another added bonus. Overall, just an amazing item for the price paid. Requires only a small amount of litter unlike other store bought products. We will be recommending this litter box to our friends and colleagues who own multiple cats like we do. 

9. Cat Litter Box That Cleans Quickly by Litter Spinner - $77.33

Litter Spinner Cat Box is the best automatic litter box developed by a popular company. The litter box is attractive and well built and just the right size for those of us who own cats in the family. No more struggling for years trying to keep your floors clean vacuumed and swept. With this litter box, the battle is sure to end. It comes with a compact design that keeps the litter out of the surrounding area. Eve when your pets are outside, you won't find the litter around as the design carefully retains the litter inside the box. Fill the bottom of the box with cat's favorite litter and you are all set. Cleaning an maintaining this litter box is easy as pie. All the waste get deposited into an empty drawer below. You don't have to handle cat litter with hands anymore. There is no need for batteries or plugs as well. 

8. Best Auto Litter Box from Smart Scoop - $164.99

While researching to replace an existing inexpensive litter box, this particular product came to our radar. This is one of the best automatic litter box items in the market and one of the expensive litter boxes as well. It arrived quickly though, the ordering was easy on the internet. It only took about 15 minutes to assemble, the instructions were very clear on the manual. All of the pieces were perfect. The parts went together very well with great precision. The features of this litter box are incredible. It has a smart sensor that is triggered when cleaning needs to be done. The power motor runs smoothly and quieter as well. It has a very durable design and good quality materials. The litter area is quite large, perfect for two large cats. The box is also easy to operate and maintain. Overall, the best automatic litter box for cats. 

7. Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Multiple Cats - $199.99

We have a new litter box from Natures Miracle for our two cats and think it is a lovely piece of addition to cat's furniture collection. This particular litter box needs no training. It is easy to operate and maintain as well. Works in any environment, space of any size. Our house litter box is located in the backyard and has held well even in harsh condition. It is also perfect if you want to get rid of odor from litter or waste. The machine automatically cleans and scoops effortlessly. All in all, best automatic litter box for starters. 

6. LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box - $188.99

This automatic self-cleaning classic litter box is functional, attractive and built to last at the same time. It does exactly what has been advertised on the internet. The only negative thing about this product is it is very expensive compared to many litter boxes out there. But it has been holding well even after two years of use. The litter box eliminates odor quickly and wastes easily. The best part is that it will prevent your kittens who like to kick out litter from time to time. So, literally, you have a clean house and all the litters are where they should be, not on the floor or furniture. If you don't mind paying a little extra for a quality litter box, go for this best automatic litter box. Otherwise, stick to inexpensive litter boxes of your liking. For our cats, this has been a solid investment. The product is expected to last many years for sure. We will be buying one more to give to friends as holiday presents. 

5. Automatic Cat Litter Box by Our Pets - $139.99

Being a single old lady, it is not easy to maintain multiple cats. But this litter box has been a blessing in many ways. First of all, it is economical and offers great value for the price. Secondly, the cats have been enjoying this product since it was purchased. This best automatic litter box has many features one must adore and appreciate. It is sleek in design, cleans well and creates no odor around the house. I am happy to say that the assembly was easy and most of my concerns were gone immediately after using this litter box for the cats. As for the cats, they fit easily without any issue. No need to clean up all of that litter anymore. The package came with a six month supply of bag, six month supply of filters as well as litter mat, which I think is great. Overall, this box needs to be called the best automatic litter box for cats. It has a smart sensor that when triggered activates the cleaning mechanism. The litter area is a very reasonable size as well. Looks great in the corner when combined with matching furniture and decor. 

4. Multi-Cat Litter Box by Nature's Miracle - Black - Self-Cleaning - $159.99

This litter box was purchased for three foster cats at the shelter. It was put together the same day the shipment arrived. Ordering this product was hassle free and easy. At first sight, it looked like a well-built litter box but after a year of use, the parts are kind of worn-out. Nevertheless, this best automatic litter box has some great features and functionality. The best part is that there is no need to bend over to clean all the mess these pets have made. The self-cleaning feature is an incredible benefit for pet owners. The litter box controls odor as supposed and filters out instantly. The automatic motor does the job well of cleaning and scooping waste after each use. It comes with a one year warranty so if you are looking to replace, this is the time limit. Also, make sure to ask for discounts when ordering this product as many websites advertise sales from time to time. Overall, not bad but not the best automatic litter box in the market given the high price. 

3. Self Washing Litter Box by CatGenie - $199.99

Because space is at a premium in my tiny little cottage, there is just a corner where I can place a litter box and this particular box has fitted really well. There had been many concerns over the past manual litter box I had but this one has no complaints. It is attractive and odorless. Stable and durable as well. The litter box came well-packaged and on time. The price is not that much given the quality of this litter box. It has been very hard to find a litter box that is flexible at the stores but here is one great product that I'm already a fan of, so are my cats. The automatic box gets rid of waste instantly and washes really well. Our two cats have fallen in love with this litter box and tend to do no mischief around it. Previously, the litter box used to spread unpleasant odor around the house, this is no more an issue. It requires cold water and an electrical outlet to function and clean, so make sure to identify the right spot at your house. The product comes with a cartridge for the box as well as washable granules that are of good quality. I will surely recommend this to anyone looking for a litter box that is great for the price. A five star best automatic litter box for single or multiple cat owners. 

2. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box - $26.99

Best automatic litter box for the price. If you don't mind a basic litter box for your cat and are on a budget, this product is for you. It is self-cleaning and easy to use and maintain. No electricity or filters required unlike other messy and complicated litter boxes in the market. The grill inside the box is meant to clean and separate the litter and waste. Assembling this product is a breeze as well. So, if you want to simple, hassle free litter box for your big or small cat, buy this product without hesitation. But if you want a litter box to last long, this one is not for you. 

1. Automatic Cat Litter Box by PetSafe - $71.99

We own four cats and there is carpet on the floor. Yet this simple and effective litter box has served its purpose without making a mess on our carpet. We have been extra careful this time though. This litter box is one of the best automatic litter box items for your cats, we have two of them. It's simple to assemble, easy to clean and maintain. Each litter box is strong in design and uses less amount of litter than traditional boxes, saving time and money. Also, the product comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, so if something goes wrong, you know what to do next. Overall, a good litter box for a sane price.

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